What does speaking clearly
& confidently
look like?

English is necessary in your daily life in the US. Are you tired of missing opportunities because you're worried about speaking?


At Clear Lingo, we work together to take small steps to improve your sound, clarity, and confidence so you can feel and act like your true self in any situation.

Friends in the Lake
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Hi, I'm Chiara!

[pronounced Key-Ara]

Have you studied English, but still have trouble speaking and understanding people? Would you like to feel connected and confident in English speaking social situations?

I struggled with these same issues while living in South Korea. Since then, I’ve found effective tools and methods from my personal experience, education, and teaching in the classroom. I can help you take small steps towards effective and confident communication in English.

My Process

I offer one-on-one ESL lessons for adults and kids and an accent modification program. I’ll help you...

I was too afraid to speak...I also had a grammatical deficiency which made it very difficult for me to build dialogue. Today I feel less nervous when speaking English. I have made significant improvements in grammar and speaking skills. Chiara’s lessons are perfect for anyone who needs to develop their confidence in speaking and overcome speech blocks. One thing I would like to highlight is her dedication to the student in customizing the class according to needs. All of the lessons  were extremely relevant. 

Aline Fernandes

Living in →  Jersey City, NJ

From → Brazil